5 Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety can be very difficult to deal with. It is often not fully understood by people without anxiety. Taking a few steps can alleviate your systems of anxiety.


Difficulty in Falling Sleep

Anyone who has anxiety knows how difficult sleep can be during bed times, thus making the anxiety worse. Ensuring you have a good nights sleep will help with anxiety and a lot of other issues. Avoiding caffeine or late night meals, only using your room for sleeping, and having a comfortable bed will help greatly in getting a good nights sleep. Sleeping well and feeling refreshed is a huge step in curbing anxiety problems.

Avoid caffeine completely. If you have anxiety, caffeine is best to be avoided completely. This acts as a stimulant and speeds up the thought process and brain in general. If you have anxiety, you basically want the opposite of that. If you enjoy coffee you can switch to decaf, or better yet, try some natural teas. Tea also contains caffeine, but in much lower amounts. It would also be a good idea to avoid other drugs or even alcohol, as these are also known to increase anxiety levels.

Exercise is Great Remedy

Exercise is one of the most natural and healthy ways to alleviate symptoms of anxiety. A lot of people with anxiety have excess energy. If you can you can use the energy in a healthy and productive way, you are taking a huge step on taking control of your anxiety. Not only does it keep you busy and burn extra energy, but exercise will also help you in having a better nights sleep.

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To curb your anxiety short and long term looking into breathing exercises is a great idea. When you can master this, you will almost certainly be able to control your anxiety. When you practice a breathing exercise, you are basically trying to reset your mind and get control of your thoughts again. Even doing this once every hour, for just a minute or two will help tremendously. You can create your own exercise, it does not even have to be breathing, maybe just a simple walk around the block every couple of hours.

Avoiding stressful situations can be a great proactive way of avoiding anxiety problems from even manifesting. Certain people or tasks can be very aggravating to the anxious person. When you need to go somewhere, looking into public transportation or alternative options can be helpful, as a stressful commute can raise your anxiety level for the whole day, and it can stay there.

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