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First of all, we would love to welcome you to visit to our website.

This site is relevant to depression which is a prolonged psychological tone dominating an person’s emotion. Typical moods of grief, sadness, and elation are generally short-lived and portion of each day life.

However, depression has become a threat to human health and is the major emotional mental illness. Many people range from celebrities to average Joe are suffering from depression and some of them even ended up committed suicide.

Fact from WHO
According to World Health Organization(WHO), there are more than 350 million people of all ages are being suffered from depression worldwide. Depressive disorders is the major disease of disability globally. Furthermore, it is a major factor towards the world burden associated with this illness. From the WHO’s report, we found that there are more women being impacted by depression compare to men.

Due to this, many people began to focus on this disease and pay serious attention to the treatment. But with the research from Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center, they found that there are still a lot of people’s having misunderstanding of depression. Therefore, we roll out this website with the intention to provide the information which we think is close to the truth of depression.

Things that we are going to cover including of different types of depressions, causes and symptoms of depressions. Then will try to provide all the methods on how to deal with depression, as well as the effective depression cure and treatment s that one can have if he/she is a patient to depression.

This website is not intended to offer any prescriptive advice, supply any medical diagnosis, or substitute as your individual physician. Any person who wish to take prescription medications, or determine to significantly alter his/her lifestyle, is suggested to consult with a medical professional with correct advice and expertise.