Anti Anxiety Medication – A Laymen’s Guide


Anxiety is one of the more common psychological disturbances today. It’s been called the “modern day epidemic”, and it’s no wonder – we live in a fast paced, high stress environment, and have to deal with more and more obligations, problems, and issues than ever before. Every environment we spend time in can be a source of stress, anxiety and aggravation, and it should come as no surprise that over three million people in the US alone seek medical help for panic attacks and anxiety every year.

Two Pronged Approach

Most medical professionals agree that anxiety and panic attacks are best treated using a “two pronged” approach. It’s not enough to refer a person who is suffering from panic and anxiety attacks to a psychiatrist, or to just treat the symptoms with anti anxiety medication like Klonopin. For best results, both of these should be combined, since Klonopin will take care of the immediate symptoms and enable the person in question to both function on daily bases without fear of anxiety episodes, and make the most out of their therapy sessions. We already mentioned Klonopin, so this is a good place to say more about this drug.


Klonopin is one of the most commonly used medications for the treatment of anxiety, panic attack and various manic depressive, or bi-polar psychological disorders. It’s a prescription drug that belongs to the benzodiazepine group of medications. Like most benzodiazepines, it’s a sedative and a relaxant which works by lowering the activity of the CNS – central nervous system. Most doctors choose to start their patients on a relatively low, 3-5 milligram per day course. Klonopin is best used in three daily doses – between one and one and a half of milligrams of the drug should be taken three times per day, on eight hour intervals. If the patient responds well to the treatment, it’s effects can be amplified by increasing the dosage, to the maximum daily intake of twenty milligrams Klonopin. Although this dosage is generally considered safe, don’t self medicate and only increase your dosages if instructed so by your doctor.

Prescribe for Klonopin

Apart for treating panic attacks and anxiety, doctors increasingly choose to prescribe Klonopin for the treatment of bipolar disorders, as well as depression and convulsions. Again, Klonopin is a controlled substance, and is generally not available without a doctor’s prescription. Still, in the past few years, with the emerging of e-commerce and internet, several online pharmacies have started offering Klonopin without a prescription. A lot of users are starting to prefer buying Klonopin online over getting it from a brick and mortar pharmacy, because of the convenience and sometimes significant savings that the internet shopping offers. Still, it’s advised to always consult with a doctor or your health care provider before taking prescription medication. 

Some online pharmacies even offer “online prescriptions”. They employ medical professionals that are available for online consultations, and can issue a prescription for Klonopin and other anti anxiety medications without having to schedule a time consuming and expensive visit to the doctor’s office.

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