Anti Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Bipolar Medical Treatment

Benzodiazepines are a wide range family of medication that’s often used for the treatment of bipolar disorders, seizures, and anxiety and panic attacks. One of the best tolerated, safest and most effective medications from the benzodiazepine family is called Clonazepam. Clonazepam is a generic term, but the drug itself is most commonly found under the Klonopin trade name.


Konopin Medicine

Klonopin has been used for years as a prescription drug, meaning that it was controlled and couldn’t be bought without a written prescription from the doctor. The rise of internet, e-commerce and online shopping has changed things a bit, and now you can even order prescription medication like Klonopin online, from the privacy of your home. Although this way can be much more time and cost effective, since you don’t need to spend time and money on a visit to the doctor’s office, keep in mind that Klonopin is really only meant to be used under medical supervision. Still, if your doctor has already prescribed Klonopin to treat panic attacks, bipolar disorder or anxiety, it’s good to know that you have an alternative option when it comes to actually buying it.

Although considered quite safe and reasonably free of side effects, you should still take some precautions while using Klonopin. Women who are currently pregnant, or new mothers who are breast feeding should avoid using Klonopin, since it can have an adverse effect on the child. Klonopin causes a noticeable relaxation and sedation, both of which can slow down your reaction times and reflexes.


Keep that in mind and avoid sitting behind the wheel, or operating power tools or any potentially dangerous machines. Some drugs can interact with Klonopin and amplify or augment its effects, as well as increase the possibility of side effects. You should avoid drinking alcohol while taking Klonopin, and make sure that you check with your doctor if you are taking any vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies or prescription medication while undergoing a Klonopin therapy.

Provide Full Medical History to Your Doctor

Your doctor should also be aware of your full medical history before prescribing Klonopin to you, so make sure you disclose as much of it as possible – most importantly, any allergies to foods or medication that you might have. Also, if you have a history of substance abuse (including alcoholism and dependency on prescription medication like Ativan and Valium), or liver or kidney diseases, let your doctor know.

Although Klonopin is very safe and well tolerated when taken according to the instructions, it’s not recommended that you use it for longer than necessary. Prolonged explosion to large dosages of Klonopin can result in a mild dependency, so make sure that you don’t use it regularly for longer than ninety days. If that can’t be avoided, try giving your body time to rest by skipping a few dosages every week or so. Patients who have been taking Klonopin for longer periods of time should avoid discontinuing usage abruptly. Rather, try to slowly taper off and decrease the dosage over a period of time, under doctor’s guidance.

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