How Long Does Postpartum Depression Last?

Depression is a common “mental disease” or “mental illness” according to almost all doctors. For the past 30 years, depression is not a popular illness, but since the past 10 years, depression has become one of the top illnesses in the world. Many has done research about the serotonin or whatever chemical imbalance in depression patients’ brain. Many of the depression patients did not realize they have depression especially for the woman who has postpartum depression.

How long does it takes to recover from postnatal anxiety?

Depression normally attacks those women after birth without warning. Many of the postpartum depression cases have not been treated early because most of the women did not realize they have depression. Some women are suffered from such disease right after pregnancy. There are also high chances for women to get depression after a miscarriage.

When they were diagnosed for postpartum depression, the first question they always ask is how long does postpartum depression last? How long do I need to go through postpartum depression? Will I ever be recover? What do I need to do in order to recover?

postpartum depression period

postpartum depression

Well, PPD is the disorder which suffering approximately 13% of pregnant women after they deliver their babies. The suffering period can be extended from few weeks to a year after giving birth. However, most women are having PPD in the first three months and this is a common scenario.

Most of the new mom thinks that postpartum depression is due to the hormonal changes, psychological adjustment to motherhood, fatigue after childbirth, and stress from childbirth and so on. Many of the doctor’s advice made the new mom believe this are the main reason for postpartum depression. And doctors normally find to difficult to answer the new mom popular questions, how long does postpartum depression last?

Before answer that question, we have to look into the real cause for postpartum depression. Many times, rooted cause may not be mentioned to those new mom, such as childhood bad experience like trauma, childhood family influence and raising up, relationship with hubby, relationship with in law (more to Asian family), financial situations in family, new mom own personality, support from family after the childbirth, traumatized experience during delivery of baby, excessive worry and anxiety for baby during pregnancy, pregnancy without planning and so on.

For most Asian family, delivering baby girl also give a lot of pressure to new mom especially to those traditional family who only want baby boy. There are many reasons that cause postpartum depression that needed to be looked into before we can identify the best way to help the new mom. So, how long does postpartum depression does last depends on the root cause of the problem. If the problem is due to the childhood traumatized experience, then it might take longer time to cure. If the problem is due to excessive worry and anxiety for baby during pregnancy, it might only take few months to cure. Anyone with childhood traumatized experience will mostly be attack by depression not only to new mom. It just a matter when the childhood traumatized experience explodes after so many years of stored deeply in our subconscious. So how long does postpartum depression last? Nobody can answer that for sure.

Can this disease last without treatment?

There are many types of treatment recommended by psychologist or psychiatrists. Mostly are based on medicine, some face to face counseling or some cognitive therapy. But there are many cases of the postpartum depression patients did not response well to any of the medicine, counseling or therapy. Below are some natural healing methods that might bring new hope to depression patients. Natural healing remedy or therapy is important because many of the depression patients did not response well to medicine or cognitive therapy.

postnatal anxiety

postnatal anxiety

From my previous postpartum depression experience, here are some natural healing methods that help you to go through those depression periods with more peace, and gradually recover with more confident and inner joy.

Suggestions to recover with natural remedies

There are many types of natural remedies that suit to many kinds of emotions. There are remedies for worry, fear, anxious, grief, anger, hatred, jealousy, resentful, uncertain, hopeless, lose interest in daily activities, lost direction in career, obsessive thinking minds, over-concern to other people life, over-control on other people life, lack of confident and so on. It is very convenient to drink and you can bring it to anywhere as it is only a small bottle with 30ml size. You can drink it anytime anywhere.

Besides taking natural remedy, I also doing some easy and safe breathing exercise. You can also try meditation but you need a professional teacher to guide you. From my previous experience, some people not suitable to do meditation without teacher guidance. It is better to play safe.

Please whatsapp me to share your story before we get to know which types of natural remedy is match to your situation. It will be very effective healing if you have the right natural remedy to match to your current situation. Healing process is faster than those remedy which is not match.

Feel free to whatsapp me at +60123809109 to share on the main cause for your depression and to find the best suitable natural remedy for your current situation. This natural remedy is suitable for any kind of emotional problem and depression, such as panic attack, anxiety, insomnia, perfectionist, workaholic, grief, uncontrollable thoughts strong feeling of regretful, resentful, hatred, hyperactive kids, impatient adults, OCD and many more.


  1. I had that when I came home from Nam and. I started to drink heavy. I just didn’t care but nobody knew it, I kept it a secret for a while. The things I saw and did in combat as SOG I just wanted to forget. PostPartum depression or as we call it PTSP I went to the doctor for a cold and he gave me blood test and ask how old I was and I told him 25 and he asked if I wanted to see 26? I told him yes and he said keep doing what I am doing and you won’t see it.
    So I slowly stopped and switched to Beer, well I’m 67 now healthy and don’t drink any more. My PTSP is better now.

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