Some Facts About Treating Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is probably one of the most serious psychiatric conditions that can happen to anybody. People who are affected by it usually swing between extremes – they might feel incredibly energetic, and even manic, just to go to extreme depression and suicidal tendencies the next day. The mood swings are completely unpredictable, and can leave an individual effectively unable to lead a normal life. More serious cases of the bipolar disorders are notoriously difficult to treat correctly – the therapy can take years and cost a large amount of money. Although more affordable drugs like Klonopin are also often used, some bipolar disorder drugs are also quite expensive – they can cost as high as fifteen dollars per one pill, and they have to be taken every day for long stretches of time. After all, one never knows when a particularly unpleasant episode can happen.

bipolar disorder

Different Drugs Will Be Prescribed for Patients

Most commonly, bipolar disorder patients are prescribed a combination of several different drugs, including mood stabilizers, antidepressants and medications for treatment of anxiety. Apart from Klonopin, one of the most commonly prescribed drugs for bipolar patients is Lithium. Taking Lithium for a prolonged period of time, especially in higher dosages can lead to the development of various side effects, as well as dependency to the medication, so doctors often choose to rotate patients between Lithium and other anti anxiety and anti depression drugs, like Ativan and Klonopin. Take precaution when using Lithium – it can be quite toxic when taken in large quantities. If you are taking Lithium to treat bipolar disorder, pay special attention to any signs of discomfort, and make sure that you check regularly with your doctor.


Apart from Klonopin, other alternatives to Lithium include Valproate, Carbamazepine and Divalproex Sodium. Divalproex Sodium is generally avoided when treating female bipolar patients, because it’s known to result an increase in the hormonal levels – especially the levels of bioavailable testosterone, which can lead to a whole new set of health issues. Anticonvulsants are also often used to treat bipolar disorders, since they are able to effectively and safely treat seizures that bipolar patients often experience during manic episodes. One of the most popular anticonvulsants – at least when it comes to treating bipolar disorders – is definitely Lamical. This drug has proven itself to be a highly effective way to treat convulsions and seizures, and can be a long term solution to the problem.


When it comes to treating low mood, or depression stages that bipolar patients regularly experience after the high, or manic stages, most doctors choose benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines like Klonopin and Valium are especially useful for short term application. Klonopin is especially used as a quick acting relief, because it has a much faster activation time, as well as a shorter half life than most other anti depression medication. A faster activation time means that Klonopin can be used as a sort of an instant action cure. Unlike most other anti depression medication, especially SSRIs, Klonopin starts working as fast as an hour after taking – and that’s precisely why more and more psychiatrists are choosing Klonopin as their preferred treatment of depressive stages of bipolar disorder patients.

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